Monday, March 3, 2014

Ski Trip February 2014

This past weekend Clay and I went skiing at Hunter Mountain, located a little over two hours north of New York City, with three other couples from our Hillsong Connect Group.  We stayed at an adorable mountain motel, Phoenicia Lodge.  

from Phoenecia Lodge's Facebook page
My first and last time skiing was over 10 years ago and I was worse than I expected to be while Clay tried snowboarding and had a pretty rough time of it.  We were both very sore after one day of being on the slopes so went snow tubing the next day.

me in the white jacket while our friend tripped over me and is upside-downhill in the green/purple
snow tubing!
Hillsong Family!

We saw people ice climbing all over the place!  How amazing, beautiful, and awe-inspiring is this!

We stopped by Lucky Chocolate in Saugerties, New York on the way back to the City.  It is definitely a business I quickly became passionate about supporting in the long term-- maybe by purchasing their chocolates to be shipped to friends.  

From their website:

Lucky's Cafe!

Visit our cafe for a seasonally changing simple menu which incorporates local produce and organic ingredients. In summer, salads, fresh juices & paninis, in winter, chilli, quiches, soups & paninis are available.We always have a good supply of savory & sweet croissants, and pie to warm & revive you during holiday shopping. (Our pies and quiches are also gluten-free).

Handmade, luxurious, small batch chocolates made from organic and fair trade chocolate.

Fair trade chocolate is made from cocoa beans bought directly from growers co-ops. The money goes directly to the farmers, by-passing the corporate middle-men, allowing farmers to be paid a living wage and avoiding slave and child labor.
I had the BEST ice cream sandwich ever!  Two thick vegan, grain free chocolate chip cookies with New York made Ronnybrook Farm Dairy ice cream!  The ice cream was unbelievably good with a homemade taste and texture!

We are returning to Hunter Mountain with another couple sometime in March to use up our extra day of lift tickets and ski rentals.  Pray for us! :)