Saturday, October 26, 2013

Foster Dog: Cooper the Frenchie!

As I mentioned in this post Bird and Bug, not so much the Pug, decided to become doggie foster parents for the same rescue group we adopted Mr. Duke from.  

Allow me to introduce Cooper:

Meet another one of S.N.O.R.T.’s city dogs, Cooper! A 25-pound male French bulldog, Cooper has been spending time in the Big Apple just waiting to find his forever home.
Cooper was surrendered to S.N.O.R.T. through no fault of his own. His owner, a nurse, came to the difficult conclusion that her long shifts weren’t fair to Cooper. That, combined with her upcoming cross-country move, prompted her to contact S.N.O.R.T.
Cooper is overall a healthy dog but has been diagnosed with having allergic contact dermatitis on his front paws. Basically, his front paws flat-out hurt! He is currently being treated with a topical medication that will only be continued until his paws heal. (His paws are doing much better, but his foster parents are continuing his full treatment course as prescribed)
However, because of his current discomfort, he has yet to enjoy taking long walks to enjoy all that New York City has to offer! Cooper has been able to take several short walks, though, and there is some thought that he has not been a highly socialized dog. He does well on a leash and does not bark or lunge at other dogs but has displayed a bit of fear when meeting new dogs. His former home believes he might do well as an only dog, but his foster family is inclined to think he’d do well with a small, mild-tempered dog (and maybe some obedience training although he doesn’t know that yet!). He has been very good with the resident pug in his foster home.
There are few things Cooper likes more than his toys; actually, there may be nothing he likes more than his toys except perhaps belly rubs! He has gotten snippy a few times when the resident pug has gone near his toys so his forever home should be aware he may display some guarding behavior.
It is obvious that his paws are causing him discomfort and preventing his true Frenchie personality from showing itself in full force, but he certainly has Frenchie tendencies as he is an absolute cuddlebug. He and the resident pug respect each other’s spaces and he has adapted quite well to apartment living.
Cooper would likely thrive in a home, apartment, city or rural setting. Of course, as a Frenchie, he has energy to spare so there is no doubt he would love a fenced-in yard to run around in but it is not a requirement.
His former home had a four-year-old child with whom he got along quite well with so it reasonable to assume he would fit right in with a family that had children.
There is some question about whether he is fully house-trained. He’s had a few accidents first thing in the morning.  It seems likely Cooper may be trained to go on piddle pads but he has quickly learned to do his business while walking the city streets!
Cooper adores his crate – that’s his “safe zone” – and prefers to sleep in there at night with the door open so his forever home should ensure they make room for Cooper’s crate!
If you are able to provide Cooper with a stable, loving home (one that includes toys and belly rubs, of course!), please submit a SNORT adoption application

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