Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 2014: East Hampton, Westport, and Denver

The first weekend in June was spent in East Hampton with Mary and Joanie.  Clay helped Mary around the house with some outdoor work and we dined at both the East Hampton Grill and Lobster Roll and enjoyed paddle boarding and walks on the beach.

The second Saturday in June I visited a friend from work in her hometown of Westport, CT.  It was a fun day trip outside of the City via the Metro-North Railroad from Grand Central Station.  We had brunch before seeing her apartment and downtown South Norwalk then headed to Terrain, an amazing home and garden decor store, before some time spent at the beach.  We then met up with her boyfriend for dinner before I returned to the City.  It was a relaxing fun day in the suburbs.  

The next weekend we took our good friends from our Hillsong Connect Group out to Mary's.  They are currently ~14 weeks pregnant and are moving back south in September.  They really enjoyed relaxing by the bay and the husbands spent all weekend stacking rocks.  The wife loved naps on Mary's couch with all the sunny windows and said it was the best sleep she's had since becoming pregnant.

The last weekend in June was my annual 705 reunion, this year in Denver where Abby lives.  After picking me up from the airport Abby, Amy, Cara, Lauren and I stopped by Abby's apartment before heading to Red Rocks, a natural amphitheater between two large [red] natural rock formations.  We then lunched at Gaia Bistro and visited the Art District and before taking a tour of Stranahan's Whiskey Distillery and tasting.  We then stopped for groceries at Trader Joe's before heading to our arts and crafts bungalow we rented in the Congress Park neighborhood where Abby cooked us an awesome dinner of brown rice pasta, broccoli, zucchini,  tomato, and salmon.  After dinner we walked through our beautiful historic neighborhood to Liks, an ice cream parlor that's been around over 30 years, before walking a longer way home to view more beautiful homes.

Saturday morning we were up at 4:30 am and picked up Abby's larger dog, Simba, from her apartment before heading an hour outside the city to hike Mount Bierstadt, a 14er, that rises over 14,000 feet above sea level.  The landscape was gorgeous and we made it over halfway to the summit before turning around because I was feeling dizzy from the elevation and the weather was turning uncomfortably cold.  We returned to our house to shower before heading to The Source, an awesome artisan food market in an old factory building.  On the way home we stopped by Little Man Ice Cream and drove through downtown Denver to see all the major buildings for arts and government.  We spent the rest of the late afternoon and evening at the house which had an awesome backyard for hanging out and we walked to Trader Joe's for a light dinner of crackers,  grapes, and cheese before I Uber-ed it to the airport for a 12:30 am flight early Sunday morning.  It was a short trip but so awesome to see 4 of my 705ers and catch up on life while experiencing all the natural, historical, and culinary delights of Denver.

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