Sunday, September 7, 2014

August 2014

The first weekend in August Clay and I went on a forging tour of Central Park with two of my coworkers.  Foraging as in searching for wild renewable natural food resources will Wildman Steve Brill in New York City!  It was a fun hands-on learning experience about the environment and getting back in touch nature.  I wrote up a post about what we learned here.  This happened to be during the first weekend of our Daniel's fast and we took a couple of the plants we found and added them to our juices and salads.

The second weekend of August Wednesday-Friday we attended Hillsong NYC Summer School in the evenings and were ministered to by Pastor Krist Wilde from Boise Idaho, he preached on the Beatitudes and brought it!  We're looking forward to Hillsong NYC Winter School where our favorite Hillsong pastor, Robert Fergusson, will speak.  That Saturday I had brunch with two friends at Jacob's Pickles in the Upper West Side then went home and cooked some seasonal vegetables I picked up at the market before heading to Loy Ann's apartment in the Finance District for a Connect Group Girls' Game Night.  Since it was during the fast I had my casserole of yellow squash, zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes and a sweet potato while they had pizza before we played Nertz, a fun card game Clay is terrible at playing.  :)  That Monday night I also attended a going away dinner party for Michael and Loy Ann as they're moving to Florida to have their first child.

The next weekend was the last weekend of our Daniel's fast and Clay juiced for that Saturday and Sunday.  We stayed at home and chilled as it was one of our only quiet weekends until the 3rd weekend in October.  We watched Ms. Doubtfire and the Grand Budapest Hotel on Friday and Saturday then Sunday after church we headed up to 125th Street on the Upper West Side to look at Grant's Tomb and the Riverside Church.

For my birthday weekend that Saturday we went to the Bronx Zoo with Joey and Linda from church for 6 hours before going to a fun beer garden in Astoria.  We then picked up Mr. Duke on the way back to their apartment and taught them to play 2 games of beer pong before watching a comedian's dvd. Sunday we went to lunch with Joanie, Brooke, and Baby H at Cheesecake Factory and walked around a mall.

On Monday, August 25th we attended the US Open with 5 other people and were able to see Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic.

For Labor Day weekend we headed to East Hampton to spend time with Mary, Joanie, Brooke, Harrison, and Harrison.

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