Monday, April 21, 2014

East Hampton: Easter 2014

On Thursday Clay and I headed out of Manhattan around 8:00 pm and when we arrived at Mary's East Hamtpon home went directly to bed.

Friday we woke up to serenity and the song of birds, it was so heavenly and peaceful!  We didn't leave her house until 11:00 am and headed to the lighthouse in Montauk at the end point of Long Island.  From there we had lunch at The Dock, a really quirky local year round restaurant.  We then walked around the main business district of Montauk where Clay purchased a fishing pole, we purchased a pug wearing a bow tie Christmas ornament, and we found and sampled a fudge store and then a bakery.  We moved our car and stared at the beach until our 4:30 pm massages.  On the way back to Mary's we picked up pizza and watched a movie and read until bed.

On Saturday we again woke up early feeling incredibly refreshed.  We walked around East Hampton before having lunch at the Clam Shack.  After returning to Mary's we sat in the sun and read before going for a long walk along the bay.  We had dinner at a new restaurant called , Bay View Kitchen, or something.... it had a great cold menu and was a terrific location for watching the sunset.  We then read and watched a movie before bed.

On Sunday we drove back from East Hampton to attend church and have Easter lunch with Days and Mary.  The message was so awesome and I loved how relaxing it was to catch up over lunch.  We then went to Da's for a few minutes before dropping Mary off and returning to the City.   Easter is about everything important so I'm glad we got to share it with family.

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