Sunday, May 18, 2014

April 2014

April was a great month to see different members of Clay's family!  The first week in April we had dinner with Parker, Helen, and Craig at Lure Fishbar down in SoHo which is located mostly below ground and decorated to look like the cabin of a yacht.

The next week we joined Big Clay, Gina, Brooke, Harrison, and Baby H in Hilton Head, South Carolina for a little over three and a half days!  We're already looking forward to our May 2015 trip!

The next weekend for Easter Clay and I headed to East Hampton and then spent Easter Sunday with Mary and Da in New Jersey for church and lunch.

THEN the next weekend Joanie, Brooke, and Baby H came up to New Jersey to attend a celebration in honor of Dorrell.

Definitely makes us interested in moving South to be closer to family!  We love you!

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